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To introduce students to the practice of marketing via having them conduct a mock “cool hunting” strategy meeting as if they were employees at a marketing agency. The lesson directly mirrors the methodologies utilized by marketing agencies such as Look-Look.

LENGTH: 3 class periods

MATERIALS: still cameras, either traditional film (disposable are fine) or digital

Class 1
Have your class examine the "Look-Look" section of CultureSpy.com. Also make sure to show them the short documentary about Look-Look marketing featured in the "Trendspotting" section of the site. Explain to them that they will be mimicking the strategy meeting conducted by Look-Look marketing shown in the video clip and lay out the agenda for the rest of the lesson.

Class 2
Have the class attend a school event where a lot of students will be present, such as a dance, pep rally, athletic event, etc. Have the students photograph their peers at this event. Tell them to pay special attention to photographing those teenagers who appear to be on the cutting edge of teen fashion. Marketers refer to these teens as “trendsetters” or “early adopters”. Before the start of the next session make sure to have the photos developed or prints made from the digital files if you are using digital cameras.

Class 3
Arrange the photos on a wall in the classroom. As a group, have the students pick out the photos they thing best exemplify teen culture. From the content of these photos have them project what they think the next big trend in teen culture will be: clothing, hairstyles, etc. Next, have them determine how these trends could be used to sell merchandise. Can they be used in advertisements, TV shows, music videos, etc?