Those cool new shoes your friend got are great, but don’t you think he’s going a little overboard telling you all about them and their great new features. Well maybe your friend is really a peer-to-peer marketer or PTP marketer for short.

Peer to peer marketers are teens that are hired by marketing agencies (those are the companies that figure out new and exciting ways to sell you stuff) to sell stuff to their peers, teens just like them. Why do marketers need to hire teenagers to sell stuff? Don’t they hire celebrities to do that? Well, marketers think that you may not believe their celebrity spokespeople because they know that you know those celebrities get paid mucho dinero for their stamp of approval. If, however, you don’t know when someone is selling you something you might be more likely to listen to them. If that person also happens to look just like you, even better. And if that person is a friend who you know and trust, well that’s the best. At least for the marketers. Don’t believe it.

Well, just click on the links to the right to see what companies hire teenagers to conduct peer-to-peer marketing. And don’t be surprised if your best friend won’t stop talking about that new pair of shoes he just got.