Marketing companies like Look-Look hire teenagers to spy on other teenagers. They call these teens trendspotters and their main job is to seek out teens who have a cool look and to take pictures of them. Where do you think they find these so-called "cool" teens? At concerts, that's where. Or any public place they know a lot of teens will be at. And once they take these pictures they send them back to the marketing companies. The marketing companies then put the pictures on display on their Web Sites and charge companies big money to look at them. If a company wants to have access to the trendspotting pictures on Look-Look's Web Site they have to pay them $20,000.00. But that's the money they are willing to spend to try and figure out what teens like. Below is an example of the type of web page that Look-Look and other marketing companies charge companies to view. These photos were taken by the Culture Spies at a Hoobastank concert at the House of Blues in Chicago on March 25, 2004.