MTV is the most popular network among teenagers. They are also the largest producer of teen reality shows. MTV makes sure that all of the teens featured in their reality shows are wearing what MTV thinks are the coolest styes among teens. But how does MTV know what's cool? By spying on teens like you, that's how!

MTV is always casting for their reality shows. In order to be considered, you have to send MTV an e-mail telling them all about yourself. Most times, they ask you to include a picture or a video of yourself. MTV then studies these e-mails for any mention of the latest clothing brands and style trends. If you send them a photo or a video, they study it to see what brands of clothing or accessories you are wearing.

Here at we decided to take advantage of this situation to try and promote our Web Site. First, we made our own line of clothing and put it for sale on the site. Next, we auditioned for several MTV reality shows. We made sure to mention as our favorite brand of clothing in all of the e-mails to MTV's casting department. When we responded to a casting call that asked for a picture or video, we made sure to wear our gear so that the people over at MTV could get a good look at it. If we're lucky maybe one of the teens featured on an upcoming MTV reality show will be sporting an article of our clothing and unwittingly promoting in the process.

To the right are links to the e-mails, pictures, and videos we sent to infiltrate MTV.