What we had to go through in order to become a culture spy, was that we had to go out into malls, in the street on interviews, and we even had a few of our own parodies. We learn how marketers work and how they saw our fashion, made it look the same, sell it back to us, and finally destroy it. We got no money for our fashion, just for a few days, or weeks to have the satisfaction of our fashion. We even tried to infiltrate corporations, such as sending MTV several tapes with nothing but us trying to do the casting call, and we wore our gear, so that in a way they could be aware of us. I just have to say that its been fun, but above all I have learned to be more paranoid bout people taking pics of me. Just kidding.




Click on this Vid link (the small one) to check out the vid me and a partner (Janelle) did to send to MTV to try and be guest VJ's.
Hey check out some cool pics of me and a friend